OneSCM supply chain collaboration and management software

For manufacturing and distribution companies, a large amount of revenue is often allocated to run supply chain operations. It's no surprise, then, that savings from greater automation, visibility, and action-ability on supply chain activities translates directly into stronger financial health for the organization. The impact of increased cash flow and reduced expenses also promotes overall business scalability and growth. Despite the tangible benefits, however, many companies have been forced to defer implementing these improvements due to operational or financial constraints.

OneSCM® from TAKE Supply Chain is a supply chain Solution as a Service for mid-market companies focused on reducing the amount of revenue allocated to run end-to-end supply chain operations. We have combined the benefits of scalable cloud technology with skilled resources to help mid-market companies drive tangible improvements to both sides of the balance sheet.

Talk to us today about ways to identify and prioritize target areas if improvement with low upfront costs and little-to-no operational disruption.

Software for Mid-Market Collaboration Software for Mid-Market Collaboration

OneSCM focuses on automating and streamlining key areas within the supply chain that have cost management and reduction KPIs: Procurement, Materials/logistics and Accounts Payable.

Comprehensive Rollout Services & Beyond Comprehensive Rollout Services & Beyond

We’ve designed our services to minimize the need for internal resources to get OneSCM up and running. We also continue with you to steady state to ensure OneSCM is delivering as promised.

Scalable Tools
& Support
Scalable Tools & Support

OneSCM is cloud-based and supported by our team of onboarding and technical specialists. This allows you to add new suppliers and scale operations quickly and with confidence.