Procurement Collaboration

Procurement Collaboration through OneSCM® automates the procurement process and allows both buyers and suppliers to work from the “same version of the truth” at all times. POs, PO Acknowledgements, Change Orders, and supporting documents are all stored and tracked in the system and available in real-time. Orders and requirements can be reviewed, updated, and accepted with immediate visibility to minimize delays and potential bottlenecks.

Procurement Automation delivers more control and visibility. POs are accessed from the ERP and routed through OneSCM according to configurable workflows. Buyers and suppliers are notified for required reviews, acknowledgements, and approvals.

PO Change orders trigger configurable line-level alerts for supplier re-acknowledgement and buyer re-approval. A listing of changes associated with the PO is also accessible through a revision history display in OneSCM.

PO Change Orders_rev
Shared buyer and supplier PO Status views allow each party access to real-time information and are filterable and customizable.

Shared Buyer and Supplier_rev