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  • Highly Efficient Procure-to-Pay Management is critical to today’s supply chain operations.

  • Implementing an Order-to-Cash solution that can deliver process and workflow automation with increased visibility throughout the end-to-end supply chain helps companies move faster.

  • TAKE Forward supplements your existing staff with additional resources and expertise for a smooth rollout and a successful ongoing program. We provide experienced support staff to both functional and technical areas within your organization to minimize work disruption. TAKE Forward includes support for Operations (procurement, warehouse/inventory and manufacturing), IT, and Finance.

  • Since rolling out OneSCM to their mid-tier suppliers, Molson Coors has seen significant improvement in the efficiency of its AP operations. The cost to handle PO/invoice transactions has dropped by approximately $2.50 per transaction, with an additional potential annual cost savings of $300,000.

  • OneSCM AP Automation from TAKE Supply Chain offers significant advantages for companies seeking to automate AP processes and can pay for itself in a matter of weeks. In addition to reducing costly manual errors and enabling automated 3- and 4-way matching, the management console allows buyers and suppliers real-time visibility into invoice status.

  • TAKE Supply Chain’s OneSCM Ship Collaboration module is designed to turn the receiving dock from a choke point into a high performance gateway. Suppliers can build shipments based on approved POs in the OneSCM collaboration console to validate the shipment against the order and shipping tolerances. The approved shipment can be used to create to ASNs, PTNs, and compliant labels and documentation – saving labor, reducing errors, and reducing costs.

  • OneSCM Procurement Collaboration improves the efficiency and profitability of supplier relationships by allowing companies to automate, monitor and control each step of the procurement process. It creates a more collaborative environment by extending purchasing information and capabilities to all trading partners in the supply base.

  • TAKE developed a tailored supply chain collaboration solution for Applied Materials that delivered accurate, real-time information and enhanced controls from the initial order to just-in-time parts delivery for consumption on the manufacturing shop floor.

  • Solutions for better performing supply chains through end-to-end visibility, increased data accuracy, global agility and more confident decision-making.

  • Videos

  • This video shares a brief demonstration of Business Intelligence Dashboards in OneSCM from TAKE Supply Chain, powered by leading provider MicroStrategy.

  • In this video you’ll see a brief demonstration of PO-based invoice creation and approvals with 3-way match in OneSCM supply chain collaboration solution from TAKE Supply Chain.

  • See a brief demonstration of creating Advanced Shipping Notices in OneSCM® supply chain collaboration solution from TAKE Supply Chain.

  • In this video, you’ll see a brief demonstration of PO Acknowledgement in OneSCM® supply chain collaboration solution from TAKE Supply Chain.

  • Better supply chains are driven by better decisions. Check out OneSCM by TAKE Supply Chain and collaborate smarter, execute faster.

  • Learn how TAKE Supply Chain partners with companies to build better supply chain managment.