BI Dashboards

Centralized Intelligence Data for Better Decision Making

Business Intelligence Dashboards in OneSCM® deliver critical near real-time performance insights that allow mid-market companies to continually improve the efficiency and value of their supply chains. Powered by industry leader MicroStrategy, BI Dashboards pull relevant data into clear, actionable charts and reports that provide critical visibility into key supply chain functions.


  • Configurable dashboards — Quickly access performance data for Sales, Procurement, Shipping/Logistics, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Supplier Performance.
  • Interactive charts — Monitor at the top level, as well as drill down into specific suppliers, date ranges, and areas such as total spend, average PO cycle time and average time to payment.
  • KPI thresholds — Provide visibility into performance relative to target goals.
  • Quick export — All charts and reports can be easily exported to PDF for use in performance reports.
  • Low cost — Cloud-based, affordable subscription pricing built into your OneSCM solution.

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