Main Features

Built with Core Advantages

OneSCM® is specifically designed to reduce costs and accelerate time to ROI for mid-market companies. Core advantages include: flexible integration, low monthly SaaS subscription pricing, easy workflow creation and modification, and real-time/anywhere access.

ERP-agnostic Data Integration: The OneSCM transform engine works with all standard data transfer methods including EDI, XML and CSV. This allows for faster, less expensive, and more complete data communication between OneSCM and back office systems.

Secure, Web-Based Collaboration Console: OneSCM is available through secure browsers only to authorized devices and accessed via multi-layer authentication.

Configurable and Editable Workflows: The powerful OneSCM workflow engine takes the cost and complicated work out of programming and updating workflows—even post launch. Workflows and notifications are created and modified using a GUI-based system that allows for process grouping based on a wide variety of criteria.

Mobile Accessibility: Users can review real-time data and move transactions forward regardless of location. The responsive OneSCM design will automatically detect when the user is accessing the application from a mobile device, and optimize the user interface accordingly.

Global Tax Support: OneSCM helps buyers and suppliers align with global tax requirements by integrating information from the ERP. When a purchase order is created or changed, the tax information flows into the OneSCM for display and verification on the PO and Invoice screens.

Integrated Web Help: OneSCM delivers product information within the application to make accessing help easy and efficient. The general help is available by clicking on the help button on each screen, while context-sensitive help is accessed within each module.