Increased Accuracy & Speed for Order Management Activities

OneSCM® creates a truly connected supply chain that links you with your customers as well as your suppliers/trading partners who support your order-to-cash activities. The results are seamless, highly efficient supply chain operations from sales orders to sourcing to finished goods to delivery and, ultimately, faster payment.


  • Customers, channel partners, logistics partners, transportation carriers and other trading partners’ back office systems —  quickly and easily integrate with the OneSCM collaboration platform giving all parties real-time visibility, access and, most importantly, the ability to quickly respond to deadlines, instructions, shipments and changes.
  • Sales — commits to orders and manages customer expectations with higher confidence.
  • Operations — more accurately plans lead times and schedules for finished goods and customer delivery.
  • Finance — more accurately projects accounts receivables.

The OneSCM collaboration console allows sales, operations, and finance executives to stay in step with customer transactions—either at the desktop or via mobile devices. OneSCM’s contemporary user interface consolidates all documents related to a specific transaction into a single location for quick reference, and business intelligence dashboards gather relevant data into easy-to-read charts and graphs to make the supply chain easier to manage. All of this is delivered through a monthly cloud-based SaaS, with configurable, modular software and ongoing support for both internal and external users, making the overall total cost of ownership lower than expected.