AR Automation |

AR Automation through OneSCM manages invoice submission and processing with customers to reduce errors and expedite payment receipt. Invoice creation and modification is automated and can originate in OneSCM or from a back office system. Workflow rules allow accurate invoices to be submitted immediately for payment. Stakeholders are immediately alerted for corrective actions to get payment timelines back on schedule.


  • PO/SO associated tracking — Order number and other identifying information is included to increase accuracy and expedite processing.
  • Workflow-based management — Routing and approvals flow automatically via configurable rules.
  • Real time information & status updates — Data and status changes are communicated to all relevant systems and stakeholders for faster processing.
  • Centralized end-to-end transaction information — All transaction information is accessible via any associated activity (SO, PO, ASN, PTN, etc.) for expedited access and review.
  • The Accounts Receivable Dashboard allows finance teams to monitor overall accounts receivable activities related to time, accuracy and revenue, as well as by specific sales staff. With custom KPI thresholds, this provides on-demand visibility into performance to address potential issues.