Sales Order Collaboration |

Sales Order Collaboration in OneSCM® delivers automation and streamlining of Order-to-Cash activities. Order processing and communication are expedited between you and your customers via data integration and workflow automation from a central management console. Workflow automation and alerts drive current information and required tasks across all stakeholder areas, including planning, operations, logistics and finance, to keep sales processes running smoothly.

  • PO-based Sales Order Creation & Updates — Sales orders can be created automatically upon acknowledgement of a purchase order or received from another integrated system. Updates are automatically transmitted to all systems and stakeholders.
  • Inventory Visibility — Item ‘On-hand’, ‘On-order’ and ‘On-reserve’ inventory levels are accessible in real time for higher confidence in order commitment.
  • Order Fulfillment Status — Warehouse, transportation and carrier information is updated and delivered to all stakeholders.