Fulfillment & Shipping |

OneSCM’s Order Fulfillment streamlines shipping, delivery and notifications from the central console…reducing lost and orphaned shipments, and expediting time to payment. Order fulfillment data can originate within OneSCM® or from a variety of other sources and then be distributed and regularly updated to stakeholders via OneSCM’s alerts and notifications system.

  • Integrated shipment information — Integration with carriers, logistics providers and transportation management systems creates a seamless flow of information from the dock to the customer shelf.
  • Tracking & delivery confirmation — Carrier and parcel tracking combine for more accurate status updates and proof of delivery notices.
  • Real time updates and alerts — integration with warehouse, transportation and carrier systems enables “In-process” and “In-transit” updates to all designated stakeholders.

  • The Shipping & Receiving Dashboard displays data to help monitor delivery and receipt of ordered materials. Provides visibility into PO fulfillment status, including inbound shipments. Measures include: ASN and GRN counts, and total received, accepted and rejected quantity.