Expanded Visibility & Control for Procurement Activities

OneSCM® creates a truly connected procure-to-pay supply chain that links you with your trading partners as well as your customers for seamless, highly efficient operations from procurement to finished goods to trading partner payments.



  • Suppliers, logistics providers, contract manufacturers, and even your customer’s back office systems — quickly and easily integrate with OneSCM, giving all parties real time visibility, access, and most importantly, the ability to quickly respond to deadlines, instructions, shipments and changes.
  • Procurement — places orders with more information and higher confidence.
  • Operations — more accurately plans lead times, schedules and resources for finished goods.
  • Finance — reduces reconciliation time and more accurately projects accounts payable demands.

OneSCM allows planning, procurement, materials, logistics/shipping, AP, and other supply chain stakeholders to stay in step with external trading partners — either at the desktop or via mobile devices…and all through a single, contemporary interface.