Order Tracking |

OneSCM’s Order Tracking provides buyers with advance notice and tracking information for supplier orders to streamline receiving as well as reduce missing and orphaned shipments. In addition to tracking in OneSCM®, the information is updated in the ERP to support materials planning, ordering and available inventory information as well as materials consumption in manufacturing and production. When the shipment arrives, it can be seamlessly received against the open purchase order and moved to the correct warehouse or shop floor location.

Order Tracking


    • PO-based shipment creation — Shipments are directly associated with purchase orders and parcel level labeling and tracking.
    • Parcel-level traceability — Parcel Tracking Numbers (PTNs) reduce orphaned shipments and expedite receipt confirmation.
    • Shipping tolerance controls — Shipments are pre-verified against established tolerances prior to ASN creation and label release.
    • Status broadcast — Fulfillment, transportation and delivery notifications and updates are sent to order stakeholders.
    • Faster Materials Receiving  Tracking information is pre-delivered to the ERP to allow for expedited receiving and reduced orphaned shipments.