Procurement Collaboration |

Procurement Collaboration in OneSCM® allows buyers to manage key activities — like purchase orders, acknowledgements and changes — with all suppliers through an easy to use central console. When purchase orders are issued or changed, the supplier is automatically notified and can provide quick acknowledgements and updates without having to re-enter information or follow up with emails or phone calls.

  • Procurement Automation delivers more control and visibility. POs can be originated in OneSCM or the ERP and are routed according to configurable workflows. Buyers and suppliers are notified for required reviews, acknowledgements, and approvals.


  • PO Change orders trigger configurable line-level alerts for supplier re-acknowledgement and buyer re-approval. A listing of changes associated with the PO is also accessible through a revision history display in OneSCM.


  • Shared buyer and supplier PO Status views allow each party access to real-time information and are filterable and customizable.


  • Procurement Dashboards leverage business intelligence data to measure overall Procurement activities as well as activities of specific buyers and suppliers. KPI thresholds can be set to demonstrate performance against specific goals. This provides visibility into potential problem areas and helps enable efficiency improvements.